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I am a certified Business and Success Coach, published author, and income strategist passionate about helping others build their own business. I can help you grow your income, grow your social media, grow your confidence and GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

I offer personalized business coaching as well as opportunities to aid your business through public relations, authorship, courses and business tools/software. If you’re not sure what your business needs, consider scheduling a 20 minute discovery call.. I also have a free coaching community for all business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers to obtain tricks, tips, advice as well as a network of support!

Business Tools

Roadmap To Riches

Roadmap to Riches is the ULTIMATE ONLINE BUSINESS TRAINING COURSE I personally use the training to build my own courses, funnels, and campaigns. This is literally step by step on what we need to create any online presence—lead magnets, funnels, email campaigns, SEO, branding YOU NAME IT!

Automation Social Media Software

Sit back & wait for targeted engaging leads to come to your Facebook & LinkedIn Messenger! Access to 10 LIVE WEEKLY TRAININGS! With this social media Software, you can sit back and watch as your inbox fills up with potential customers.

The BizKit App

TheBizKit in a Nutshell is a complete Sales System designed to help all Sales Verticals. Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Coaches, Real Estate Agents, Life Insurance Agents, Corporate Sales Team and Replaces multiple apps – one-stop shop graphics, documents, calendar, links (anything). Check out the info at BUT to SIGN UP, use the button below and receive a free gift!

Let’s Grow

Unlock Your Full Potential & Achieve Success

Hello! I am Gina Redzanic, a certified Business and Success Coach, published author, and income strategist. I am happily married and raising two daughters in North Carolina. I balance motherhood and my businesses through discipline and self-motivation, a practice I love to teach my coaching clients.

I initially dove into entrepreneurship in 2008, when my husband and I started our own fitness business from the trunk of our car! We grew that business to an annual six figure income as well as received the 2017 “Gym of the Year” Award. I went on to build my own 7-figure organization in network marketing and continued to commit myself to ongoing education in personal and business development.

I have been featured in many publications like Yahoo! Finance, Brainz Magazine, and was named Top 10 Leadership Coaches in Influencive magazine. I have developed a Coaching Community to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and online marketers achieve success through training, resources, tools and personal development.

Opportunities to Grow

Become a Published Author

Interested in establishing yourself as a respected author? I am partnered with She Rises Studios and our authors have become Amazon and New York Times best-sellers. It's a life-changing experience and we can't wait for you to be a part of it. Schedule a call to learn more!

Gain credibility with P.R!

Public Relations is extremely helpful when it comes to gaining professional credibility and moving the needle in your business! Go viral with massive exposure and search ranking when you get published on our network of over 200 influential news sites that receive 100 million visitors every month!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a great opportunity to earn additional income and it can be done from ANYWHERE! I am always happy to accept new affiliate partners and lead you in the right direction! If you have interest in becoming an affiliate with any of my businesses, let's connect!

My Coaching Options

See the below options for COACHING. Business Coaching is optimal for business owners, network or affiliate marketers, social sellers and entrepreneurs. I focus on areas of need such as: building a business strategy, time management, branding, leadership development, tools and systems, social media, confidence and personal development. My self-confidence course will break down causes and triggers of low self esteem and teach you strategies to build confidence and self worth.  

Business Coaching Package


Payments can be made in 8 segments prior to 1 on 1 zoom 

Self Confidence Course


Additional Coaching


per session

Available upon request after completing a full Business Coaching or Self Confidence Course 



Sweet Words From Clients

Gina is an absolute expert in all things business plus she is amazing to work with! She's given me confidence, motivated me, guided me, helped me with social media, given me a clear vision and showed me the tools for success. Gina is dedicated, professional, and resourceful!

Joni F

I hired Gina as a coach because I was struggling to take action. Working with her has given me clarity and direction. I am more confident in myself and manage my time more effectively. I didn't realize how much I needed a mentor until after I started working with Gina! She is a phenomenal coach.

Kelly P

I just completed my last session with Gina Redzanic and the coaching sessions were well worth it. I am new to the online business space and needed help developing a business strategy, branding, and social media. It was exactly the push I needed to get me into action!

Lauren R.


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